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51Weeks Winemaking
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2016 Barbera

2016 Barbera

51Weeks Winemaking

Lonesome Spring Ranch | Columbia Valley

Barbera grapes grown high on the northern side of the Yakima Valley, this vineyard is situated between the Rattlesnake Mountains and Red Mountain. Surrounded by rugged topography, the sandy soils are well-drained. Strong winds in the area create vines with a controlled canopy and depth of aroma and flavor in the fruit.

We make the picking decision on this particular fruit based on flavors and acidity, which holds incredibly well at this site. In order to bring out the most flavor and color from the skins, yet leave the structure primarily acid-driven instead of tannin, we used the submerged cap winemaking technique. This process was used in the old world as well as in the early years of commercial winemaking in California. In a cylindrical stainless-steel tank, we use a custom-designed screen with weighting to keep the cap (or mass) of grape skins that wants to float submerged into the fermenting juice. This constant contact of skins in the juice does several things: maximizes extraction of color and flavor, and keeps the fermentation cooler, and in turn retains delicate aromatics and allows for a longer fermentation. We press the fermentation at dryness in order to control tannin extraction, then put this wine into French oak barrels for 18 months. A longer barrel-aging was preferred on this wine as the acid structure helps the wine develop slowly.

Wine Facts

Harvest Date: September 25, 2016

pH: 3.04
8.8 g/L
Alcohol: 13.5%

Club Exclusive.