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51Weeks Winemaking
2016 Petit Verdot

2016 Petit Verdot

51Weeks Winemaking

Columbia Valley ‘Fourgon’

Petit Verdot is known for tiny berries, big color and structure, blue fruit, and a characteristic ‘green’ flavor that becomes very subtle with fully ripe fruit. We describe it as a ‘green peppercorn’, and it balances the fruit of the wine nicely. In the winery, we hand-sort and always destem the fruit 100%. With the small berries and thick skins, the majority of the tank is whole berries, and not much of the juice is released. Petit Verdot is traditionally crushed, but we have intentionally altered this step to maintain a round, soft, and balanced structure. After a generous cold soak of up to seven days, we kick off the fermentation with two days of gentle pumpovers. By the third day of the fermentation, we begin punchdowns, which is our cap management technique for the rest of the fermentation. Petit Verdot fermentations are long; up to 30 days. We love the bold blueberry and dark cane-berry aromas and flavors, so we age this wine in oak for only 10 months before bottling. By keeping the extraction soft, the result is a big, bold, yet approachable, wine.

Wine Facts

Harvest Date: October 18, 2016

pH: 3.64
6 g/L
Alcohol: 14%